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We believe life should be spent together. So we designed a crib to make it easier to do just that.

The Lotus travel crib is so easy to use and easy to take with you, you will want to use it everywhere...places you never would even consider taking more traditional portable cribs simply because they are too bulky & heavy. Use the Lotus at home, at a friends house for dinner, or even in the airport terminal (it fits as a carry-on). The Lotus is more than a travel crib. It’s an Everywhere Crib.

Easy for You:
Since it's effortless to take the Lotus travel crib with you and super fast to setup, you'll go more places and see more friends & family. Not just on overnight trips, but all the time at home and across town. And since it's a lightweight backpack, both hands are available for everything else, including the baby and diaper bag. Guava Family is the only company in the world that makes travel cribs that pack into backpacks.

Fun for them:
You'll be amazed how much fun the little ones have in the Lotus travel crib. Give them their own way in and out, and they think of it as their world, not a prison. The side door, which can be zipped and secured closed turns the travel crib into a secure space where they'll love to play, laugh, sleep. We won't blame you for climbing in with them either....

Safe For Everyone:
No Phthalates. No Lead. No PBE or PBDE Flame Retardants. Full-side breathable mesh. ASTM F406-12A Approved. Also, the Lotus travel crib cover is removable and machine washable. Spit up. Slobber. Drool. It's only a matter of time...

Life Together:
Nothing makes us happier to see the smiles of our new family members as the crawl into the Lotus travel crib, and the smiles of their parents when they set it up in no time, or throw the backpack over their shoulder as they head off to another gathering of friends or family.  These smiles are what motivate us to keep thinking of new and creative ways to make it just a little bit easier fo us all to spend Life Together.


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