Five Ways Your Feedback has Improved the New Lotus Travel Crib

November 10, 2017



As of writing this, there have been over 1,200 reviews from parents of our products in less than a year. That’s a ton of great feedback for us on what’s helping parents and what’s not.

With this being the Lotus’ fifth year on the market we thought it was time to do a ground up revamp with customer feedback driving our product decisions.

Here are some of the exciting new updates:

#1: Make It Even Stronger

“We needed a durable, lightweight yet high quality bassinet and pack and play to use everyday at home and for travel.”

Rabb M. 10/17/2016

While the original Lotus was plenty strong enough to stand up to abuse from toddlers, we wondered if we could make the new version even more durable.

After a good amount of engineering and prototypes we created a stiffer frame through more aluminum and stronger joints. All while keeping packed weight and size the same!

#2: Easier Access

“The zipper door is EVERYTHING, I don't understand how this is not a standard feature on every pack and play.”

Guillermo R., 10/18/17

The side door is high on many parents' list of reasons they choose the Lotus over other playards. The zippered door allows moms to nurse their little one to sleep and toddlers that ability to crawl in and out.

We wanted to make it easier for parents to get in and out of their crib, so we made the entire opening taller and wider. Which makes sneaking out in those quiet nap or bedtime moments all the easier.

#3: Softer & More Stretchy

“I was so pleasantly surprised at how soft and comfy this product is!”

Zach T., 8/14/201

Parents loved the old Lotus’ ability to be machine washable and durable enough to stand up to family trips. We also heard from our customers how important non-toxic, non-allergenic fabrics were to the health of their little ones.

After months of searching for a good replacement, we finally stumbled on a fabric that was incredibly soft, safe and stretchy. We think you and your little one will love how it feels.

#4: Make It More Comfy

“Amazing design just one flaw... I wish the mattress was more comfortable.”

Serena S. - 6/30/2016


Parents loved the portability, but wanted the sleeping experience to be even more comfortable. Mattress thickness and padding is regulated federally, but we were able to increase padding and still be well within the safety regulation.

Then we hunted for more comfort through test prototypes with various combos of material, density and firmness. In the end, we found what we hope is the perfect combo for your little one to sleep comfortably.

#5: Need a Better Way to Fasten the Mattress

“Cons: the velcro tabs that attach the sheet to the crib via the mattress are a pain.”

Rhiannon M., 10/13/17

Fastening the mattress to the crib is an important safety step when you’re setting up the Lotus. We heard from many parents that the previous method of attaching with velcro was too time consuming.

The solution to save parents time fastening the mattress? Simple-to-clip buckles that slip through holes in the base of the crib and clip in seconds to the respective leg.

We hope that you'll love all the updates to the Lotus Travel Crib. If you'd like to find out more you can see more here.